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Here you'll find some oldish pieces of software I wrote when I was a student. If you're interested in Smalltalk, have a look at my Smalltalk goodies page.

Use at your own risk!

BBB: Config Manager for Novell DOS 7

Bert's Boot Box
It not only does a choice between different configurations but allows variables to be set in a dialog with radiobuttons and checkboxes. The variables are used in IF/ELSE statements or for conditional parameters. They can be exported to the environment. The definition is done in CONFIG.SYS itself in a brief and easy to use language.
Source code available (TurboPascal)
(28 KB)
(31 KB)

Viewer for Norton Commander with Syntax Highlighting

C / C++
When programming, I got very accustomed to the nice syntax highlighting in my editor ... But, when browsing through my source directories with NC, there were no colors anymore -- too bad! But with these 2 viewers it's a pleasure to view those files.
Features: adjustable colors, tab-width, ANSI/ASCII conversion, text search, show control characters.
Source code available (TurboPascal)
(17 KB)
(16 KB)

(18 KB)
(17 KB)

TurboPascal Helpfile: i80x86 assembler instructions
Using Turbo/Borland Pascal with assembler? Counting clock cycles? Wanting to know which flags are modified? Just install this helpfile (Help | Files ... | New) and you get all your questions answered! download:
(27 KB)

Sweet Sixteen (Win16-Application)
This are sixteen little balls you can push around (left mouse button) and connect with threads (right mouse button). They tumble around, attract and push off one another, there's an auto-play-button to sit back and watch ... Very relaxing ...
Source code available (C++/Borland OWL)
(83 KB)
(11 KB)

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