Bert's Smalltalk Balloon


This is my rendering of the Smalltalk Balloon. It came into being almost, but not entirely, unlike the other painted and drawn renditions.

The special thing is this: The picture was created completely in Smalltalk! Inspired by the famous BYTE cover I modelled the island and the balloon in 3D Studio. This three dimensional modell was rendered with the line drawing renderer I developed in my diploma thesis.

The Smalltalk renderer analytically calculates visible parts of the polygons in the scene. The resulting pieces are colored according to the light and written to a PostScript file. On top of these faces a line drawing is created by smoothly drawing contours with splines. Again, the line width is adjusted to reflect the lighting. The whole process from loading the modell to writing the file took about one minute on a Pentium 90 with VisualWorks 2.5.

The JPEG image above was created with Ghostscript and Paint Shop Pro. If you wish a high quality printout you should download the PostScript file (65K zip compressed) or a PDF (100K).

This is a transparent version of the little GIF seen on my Smalltalk page for use with backgrounds other than white. Grab it and spray it all over the web :-) ! [small transp. balloon]

May be I'll find the time to add some more detail to the model, or we create an animation ... So stay tuned!

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