Dr. Bert Freudenberg

Freelancing Software Engineer
Magdeburg, Germany


Latest: Occasionally I post to my facebook wall or twitter stream or github code repository. More often than I update this home page, anyway.

2016: My research group is even larger now: HARC (part of Y Combinator Research). Also, Laura moved in with us :)

2015: Separated amicably from my wife, am now living alone with my daughter. Note my new address below!

2014: Viewpoints and SAP created CDG Labs, an international research collaboration. I'm still mainly working with them.

2013: Still freelancing, with Alan Kay's Viewpoints Research as my main client, working on Reinventing Computing.

September 2006: I started freelancing. First contract is porting Etoys to the $100 laptop

February 2006: I got elected as board member by the world-wide Squeak developer community. Update (2016): I was re-elected every year ever since.

June 2004: You can call me Dr. Freudenberg now - I defended my PhD thesis with "magna cum laude".

March 2004: Won the Annual Faculty Research Award with four colleagues for our IEEE CG&A "Developer's Guide to Silhouette Algorithms" article.

January 2004: Started working at impara GmbH. We're writing authoring software for children in Squeak: Plopp.

November 2003: Submitted my PhD thesis. The defense is expected to take place early next year.

July 2003: We moved into our new-built home. Please note the changed mail address.

August 2001: Gave my first SIGGRAPH Talk. See my publications.

July 99: We're six now! Our twins Jakob and Sophie were born – for an image look at the family page.

October 98: I got married! And since we chose my wife's name, I'm not longer Bert Schönwälder. No umlauts anymore ... :)

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SnailMail: Dr. Bert Freudenberg
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